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Transformation Stories

Transforming the approach

Rapid Digital Transformation For A Leading Insurance Provider in Malaysia


The said insurance provider was bogged down by paper driven, old school processes. Personnel handling documents lead to problems like misplacing of documents, time lags and large requirement of manpower

Enter Neutrinos BPM (Business Process Management) system:

Neutrinos BPM (Business Process Management) system
BPM - Business Process Management


Known for its rapid delivery, Neutrinos was able to build and deliver the BPM in a span of 3 months, which helped the insurance provider eliminate the old school techniques and go digital without having to wait for long.

The number of leaks has reduced, helping the business grow

Manpower and documentation reduced, decreasing financial burden

The inhouse app increased efficiency as work was monitored regularly

More transparency that has resulted in increased productivity

The company has also taken the initiative to train employees for the use of the product, showing their involvement in the project.

Bridging Customer-Company Gap For An Insurance Service Provider in South Africa


A leading insurance company, known for its services and policies faced quite a few problems in their processes – lack of transparency and little commitment from their agency side.

Enter Neutrinos ‘Connected Customer’ Project

Neutrinos built a product that bridged the gap between the company and customers, helping them effectively connect with each other.

‘Connected Customer’


Neutrinos enabled the company to regain and sustain their market position and achieve transparency by monitoring the agency as well as the customers. This resulted in:

Better customer experience which in turn generated new customers

Increased revenue

Complete end-to-end visibility

An opportunity to manage data, profits and quality end-to-end

The company was able to stand apart amidst their competition, and benefited immensely from Neutrinos’ thorough understanding of architecture, solutions and technology.

Streamlining Business Processes For An Insurance Company


This leading insurance service provider faced trouble capturing leads and to track and manage lead lifecycle. Processes were manual and paper-driven, which in their B2C scheme of things was tedious and ineffective and lacked reporting features. A unified product library was also missing, which further increased Agents’ workload.

Enter Neutrinos Sales Lead Management System

Neutrinos helped the Insurance Company streamline different business process by digitalising and enabling them with omni products. By bringing Sales Relationship Management (SRM) into place, Neutrinos enabled the company’s agents to capture new prospects quickly and monitor the actions on different leads. SRM also enabled the management to analyse performance and set expectations for new business units.

Neutrinos Sales Lead Management System


The company witnessed:

Higher productivity since agents are able to reach customers faster

Easier maintenance of activities and logs for a lead

Better conversion rates due to higher productivity

Increased value of business after implementation

With Neutrinos, the company reached the goal 3X faster than traditional development firms, while delivering a better solution.

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