AI in the Insurance Industry– Comprehensive Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the buzzword for a few years now, showing its substance across various business verticals by providing automated environments,increased productivity and thus, digital transformation.The Insurance Industry s [...]

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The Ambience for Microservice Application Development

In recent years, as Enterprises aim to become digitally Agile, system architecture plays a big role in helping Enterprises create scalable, testable software that can be delivered in as soon as a week. Applications like pin code locators and GP [...]

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Capitalizing The OFT Ignored OBD Ports

Before flying cars take over the skies of our future, let's talk about an underrated portion of our rather docile, wingless land vehicles - the OBD port. It has been a vital part of most cars since the 1980s and yet, very few of us have heard o [...]

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Digital Transformation through Business Process Re-Engineering

The saying “Change is the only Constant”, couldn’t be truer! In today’s business environment, change is continuous and is alarmingly rapid.Unless organizations choose transformation (whether proactively or reactively), the gap between their sta [...]

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Neutrinos, November Refresh: What’s New!

At Neutrinos, we constantly thrive to build software that has a lasting impact on people’s lives.The usage of Neutrinos spans across Developers, Business People, Consumers and Employees. Each and everything we do as part of our product developm [...]

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Low-Code Myths – BUSTED!

Hello and welcome to yet another blog post from Team Neutrinos.Today we will touch upon some of the most common low-code myths which remain unaddressed especially in enterprise circles.Low-Code Platforms are gaining tremendous momentum within e [...]

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