Monitoring Perishable Goods

Environmental control of perishable goods is not new to the food industry. To cater to the temperature and humidity control requirements of vegetables, ripening fruits, dairy, poultry products, processed food items, beverages, and drugs – global retailers traditionally use refrigerated containers. These high-tech containers are fitted with precision sensors as well as refrigeration and airflow units in order to detect any deviation in temperature/humidity from the preset values – controlling the environment within strict limits. Deviations however minor are logged and alerted to customers in real-time.

Personalized and Targeted Marketing

Connected devices and IoT enable companies to understand how individual customers interact with brands in real time. That means finding out what they buy, when they buy it, and where they buy it – and consequently what incentives might be most appreciated. Delight your customers with personalized promotions, provide ads based on product affinity/purchase history/proximity. Deliver ads in real time on mobile devices at the targeted location and offer customized promotions based on customer profile or local needs.

Customer Self Service Application

This feature-rich self service application allows customers to purchase new products, manage accounts, carts, and wishlists. Now deliver multi-channel capability using a single solution, with the capability to monitor and maintain inventory. Integrated to major payment gateways and mechanisms, customers can be notified of newer products based on their preferences as well as pending transactions – thus delivering richer customer experiences. Enterprise grade security, elegant UI, and an engaging UX makes the mobile app immensely popular and easy to use.

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