Motor Claims Solution

Neutrinos Web/Mobile Motor Claims Solution provides an end-to-end claims solution. The insured is provided with a multi-channel reporting of loss, visibility of the claims, and the capability to integrate with applications from workshops and panel beaters. The solution also allows underwriters and fulfillment agents to work on the claim process with intelligent work allocations, and enables managers to track productivity for improved process efficiencies. Additional capabilities for the insured to avail value added services, such as towing services, are also provided.

Funeral Quotation System

Neutrinos Funeral Quotation Solution provides innovative, cost-effective, secure, and reliable Web/Cloud-based services that help organizations grow their business and increase customer relationships. Automated Quotation solution has enabled companies to configure, price, and quote accurately, swiftly, and smartly. The system further guides the user through simple and intuitive steps to complete the process of buying insurance.

Insurance Self-service Portal

Neutrinos offers a self-service Motor Insurance Customer Portal solution with rich UI experience. Customers can now access/update their account information, create and track support requests, view all historical cases as well as insurance renewal options. The portal helps in crafting new interactions, cross selling products, and in creating value for customers.

Robot-driven Customer Experience

Powered by cutting-edge technology that recognizes customer intent and enables precise knowledge delivery, Neutrinos has implemented advanced customer support robots that can cater to customer enquires and complaints without human intervention. Neutrinos’ conversational experience combines a seamless, consistent self-service experience with the convenience and accessibility of popular messaging applications, targeting customers on platforms they already use. This revolutionary ability to allay pressing needs from within the most popular existing platforms upgrades your customer services and improves coverage and efficiency. Neutrinos taps directly into a company’s knowledge base to deliver personalized, contextually relevant information right to the customer’s messaging interface with a conversational interface, using Neutrinos Cognitive Services.

Smart Farming

The agricultural insurance solution available to agricultural insurers and farmers allows them to proactively monitor crops, track soil quality, root-zone temperature, dissolved oxygen, potential hydrogen, provide climate and hazard guidances, etc. It enables insurers to get fresh data about their end customers and thereby proactively monitor risks. By tying together different sensors, connected devices, and the Cloud platform, Neutrinos streamlines the development of Smart Farming solution, thus enabling the insurer to provide better and innovative product pricing. Additionally, GIS mapping and integration with satellite imaging, helps insurers and farmers get insights into their assets.

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