Multi-channel Account Origination

Neutrinos provides innovative multi-channel solutions to help financial institutions onboard new accounts, acquire more customers, and add greater wallet share. The solution enables customers and employees in financial institutions to open new accounts efficiently with reduced turnaround times. The solutions is seamlessly integrated with BPM, ECM, and rule engines to provide a robust and flexible solution.

Billing Engine

Neutrinos’ billing engine solution integrates billing information across systems. The solution provides the ability to deal with multiple currencies, add/remove service options, allows exception reporting, and run sanity checks based on product class, parameters, and pricing catalogue. Ability to simulate and view in real time based on changes in business rules, further add reliability to the design.

Payment Solution – Onboarding of Customers

This single solution allows financial services to offer a bouquet of payment products to their customers. Depending on the product(s) selected, regulatory rules and documentary evidences requirements are enforced. The application allows on-field agents access of the solutions on their mobile devices and make the provisioning of these payment devices seamless and error-free.

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