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Retail Stores have various challenges on the management and customer front. Neutrinos can help retail organizations build solutions that promise enterprise grade security, elegant UI, and an engaging UX.

Monitoring Perishable Goods

Achieve environmental control of perishable goods by fitting high-tech containers with precision sensors as well as refrigeration and airflow units in order to detect any deviation in temperature/humidity from the preset values – controlling the environment within strict limits.


Personalized and Targeted Marketing

Understand how individual customers interact with brands in real time with the help of Connected devices and IoT. Delight your customers with personalized promotions, provide ads based on product affinity/purchase history/proximity.

Customer Self Service Application

Create a feature-rich self-service application that is integrated to major payment gateways and mechanisms, allowing customers to purchase new products, manage accounts, carts, and wishlists.

self serve

Case Study

BOT & Mobile App Payment Solutions (TANISHQ)

A mobile app payment solution gives customers the freedom of digital payments and they no longer need to visit the branch to pay instalments. Enable customers to make payments on the go and receive reminders, thereby providing them a superior customer experience. Eliminate the need for your customers to call Customer Care for receiving statement of accounts / instalment summary. With assured 99.999% uptime, business continuity is not affected.

Here’s how we helped TANISHQ, a top Jewelry Retailer in India build their mobile app in just two months with Neutrinos.

Inventory Management (EDCON)

Retail Stores have various challenges on the management front as well as the customer front. Store Managers in Retail outlets are imposed with the arduous task of Inventory Management to check the inventory/stocks available in each outlet regularly. Customers would ideally like to locate the nearest stores based on Geo location.

Edcon is the largest non-food retailer in South Africa. Neutrinos built a Mobile App for Inventory Management in a whopping 5 hours. Here’s how it worked for them.


Combat the retail store challenges and build brand value