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The all-Weather Digital Sales Distribution Suite From Neutrinos

Digital Insurance Sales Distribution

Adapting to a new customer journey.

Customer Engagement

A high-touch, bespoke, extended sales process inhibited by lack of customer engagement tools, content assets, intelligent lead assignment and CRM fitment

Data and Analytics

Data visibility on customer and prospects fogged by Excel-based leads management & reporting. Need for efficient data collection on customer financials/health


Low operational efficiency and high TAT owing to reliance on independent agents, high cost/effort of product training and poor fitment of CRM tools to workflow needs

Compliance & Regulation

Geo-specific laws and regulations govern sales processes. CRM applications are ill-suited to handle compliance needs and don’t offer adequate traceability

Understand sales distribution in the new world order

Even as the industry braces for impact of Covid-19, insurance organizations world over are strategically elevating their conventional sales distribution models to a new digital paradigm. Global insurers and analysts have cited recent global industry trends to evidence this shift

  • Loss of Agent Incomes
    Due to their inability to conduct Business-As-Usual during covid-19

  • Demand Surge for Life & Health Insurance
    With digital as the preferred channel of enquiry for over 50% of insurance buyers.

  • Online Direct to Consumer propositions have gained immensely
    Optimized for Tele-Underwriting and Audio/Video based medical checkups

  • Remote Advice is the new route to customer in Life Insurance
    Even in geographies where digital insurance penetration has been poor

However this path to digitization is fraught with regulatory, business-specific processes and technology challenges.

Change gears to ride the wave of disruption. Empower your agents with Neutrinos Digital Sales Distribution Suite.

The Neutrinos Digital Sales Distribution Suite

At Neutrinos, we are at the forefront of this digital revolution in the insurance industry, delivering value to both insurers & customers through our Digital Sales Distribution Suite. Field Agents seamlessly transition to remote sales and take their engagements a notch higher.

Features to deliver value to insurers, agents and customers

The digital sales distribution suite for insurance focuses on Digital interaction capabilities, Empowering Distributions to remove impediments in selling, Optimizing Internal operations and Complying with the local regulatory and compliance norms.

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