What Is A Rapid Application Development

Rapid Software Development and Rapid Application Development are gaining foothold in the enterprise application development arena. More enterprises are exploring low-code platforms to create apps that cater to diverse requirements across the organization.

Before we try to understand what a Rapid Application Development Platform is, let us take a deeper look at why businesses are turning to Rapid Development.

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Why Rapid Application Development Software

Staying in the league is crucial. Businesses that fail to deliver their products or services through connected IT, both internally within the organization and externally to customers, lose out on growth opportunities. IT is a proven way through which enterprises can gear up their internal processing, overall performance and thereby, customer satisfaction. And in today’s world, providing appropriate applications at each touch point, internally and externally, can easily solve this issue.

Coming to apps, one can slot them into two broad categories – Internal OR Enterprise Apps and External OR Customer Facing Apps. Both of these play a crucial role in how your business operates and how your business is perceived by your customers. More often than not, IT department heads are faced with the challenge of the type of technology to pick in order to catapult their business into delivering the right kind of outcomes both internally and externally.

With Rapid Development, IT can cohesively work with Business Users to build custom apps. RAD Software Development tools help minimize development time by using the concept of prototyping. Rapid Application Development Software help business users build applications despite having no programming skills through the aid of visual development. Rapid Development triggers a progressive approach to application building, thus minimizing errors and allowing a faster go-live.

What is A Rapid Application Development Platform?

A Rapid Application Development Platform is built with a vision to empower business users to develop their own apps. Rapid Application Development Tools delve on continuous improvement in real time.

The key features that every Rapid Application Development Platform must possess are:

  1. Visual Development – Guided, easy-to-navigate interfaces that allow businesses users to pick and choose from pre-built data elements, process workflows and business rules.
  2. Designed For Business Users – Since business users know exactly what they want out of an App, their involvement in the development plays a vital role in meeting specific business requirements. Rapid Software Development is built on the principles of low-code/no-code, allowing even the most technology unaware business user to be able to build apps with ease.
  3. Instant Prototyping – Since development happens on-the-run, Rapid Software Development makes for the perfect agile environment. As components and workflows get prototyped, business users can continuously test and provide continuous feedback enabling super-speed development.
  4. Continuous Improvement – With Rapid Application Development Software, businesses can enjoy the benefits of incorporating changes in their requirements on the fly. The need to raising change requests is eliminated, thus enormously reducing the time to go-live.

RAD Software Development tools comprise of the most important building blocks that aid application development.
These include

Visual User Experience Builder : A User Interface that allows a guided selection of various components such as data, workflows, rules etc. Use drag-and-drop to place elements appropriate as you build your app.

Data Modeler : A comprehensive, pre-built set of various available data types that can be used by your business to make the app functional.

Business Process Manager : Pre-built process workflows that determine how data must flow through your business between its departments and the end-customer.

Rules Engine : A core component that dictates how data and workflows must work based on preset business rules. These can be configured to suit your compliance standards.

Integration Connectors : Many businesses turn to RAD tools, after having tried and used other technologies. The beauty of Rapid Application Development is it easily and seamlessly integrates with existing systems providing a unified interface over which business users can collaboratively work. RAD Platforms are known, for this reason, to be technology agnostic. Another aspect of this is that applications built using Rapid App Development tools effortlessly fit into modern needs of technology consumption such as AI and IoT.

Analytics : There’s not much use of employing a modern technology approach such as Rapid Application Development if a business cannot fetch actionable insights. Rapid App Development Software come imbibed with analytical capabilities to deliver rich data that can be used to gain knowledge about business performance and hence achieve operational excellence.

All of these work in conjunction to deliver a seamless, easy-to-use interface for business users to build apps.

Another arena in the close quarters of RAD Software Development is Rapid Web Application Development which enables business users to design and develop web based business apps. Rapid Web Application Development is a great platform for businesses looking to provide web access of applications to its employees and customers.

The Neutrinos Rapid Application Development Platform is power-packed with these and more capabilities to bring make your business as a forerunner in the application development and consumption space.

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