Rapid Application Development Tools

Rapid Application Development Tools a.k.a RAD Software have evolved over the years. In its early days these tools were mainly targeted towards developers and IT teams who wanted to develop software applications fast.

Today, Rapid Application Development tools are extremely sophisticated in nature. RAD Software is now targeted not only towards the developer community but also towards business users, mid-management and IT.

RAD Software has empowered business users to be more in control with the software applications that get developed using these tools. Business and IT teams can leverage an extremely user friendly development environment which requires minimum coding, while most of the interface is GUI driven.

Here are key capabilities offered by Rapid Application Development Platforms

Drag and Drop – User Experience Builder

User Interface Development forms the base for engagement with users of any software application. Rapid Application Development Tools provide an intuitive way to develop user interface with ease. The drag and drop builder enables business users and developers to develop user interface without any coding or technical know-how.

Data Modeler

Data Modeler enables developers, architects and IT to design the data structure of the application. This is instrumental in defining the functional aspects of the said application. Again the data modeller is GUI driven interface where developers can create tables, relationships, etc. without touching the backend data base, whether its Oracle, MS Sql, Mongo DB or something else.

Content Management, Workflow and BPM

Depending on the nature of the applciation, there may be a need to store large objects like documents, videos, files, etc. via the application. Having an inbuilt content and workflow capability enables developers to seamlessly design business processes from within the application.

Most enterprise systems need a sophisticated Business Process Management platform to automate workflow processes, store documents and process them. RAD Software addresses this need by providing an in-app BPM and ECM capability.

Smart Libraries

Smart Libraries provide developers to reuse common application development components time and again. This not only saves time and effort but also enables development teams to focus on architecting a sound application for the business.

Reusable components span across user interface data models, integration connectors, reports and more.

Application Life Cycle Management

RAD Software provides a seamless Application Life Cycle Management experience. Change management is made that much easier at every stage. IT teams can design, develop, test, deploy, analyze, and manage applications effectively, thus removing efficiencies across the board.


Rapid Application Development Tools also come bundled with a solid Analytics engine which enables developers to design beautiful reports, dashboards, charts and more. Again with a drag and drop builder report and dashboard creation is extremely easy. Developers can draw insights from data models, processes, application instances and more.

The Bottomline

Rapid Application Development tools a.k.a Low Code Platforms are gaining tremendous popularity within developer as well as business circuits. Its fundamentally transforming they way new software applications get built, consumed, altered and published.

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