Neutrinos Studio – This Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing all Neutrinos Applications contains a base workspace and an extensive plug–in/widget system for customizing and adding new plugins to the environment. It is available as a web application accessible from a browser, or as a standalone application on Windows, Linux, and on OS X operating systems.

Developers can create projects, data structures, pages, and then wire them into congruent applications. They can also wire services, connecting the application to backend systems and with other Cloud services – all of this visually through the editor’s WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface. It’s a complete RAD environment, requiring minimal development, and in instances where customization is required, only JavaScript may be used to script these. The developed application may be versioned with your choice of a GIT Provider. The studio is seamlessly connected to Store so that developers can pull widgets and plug-ins from the Store and easily manage dependencies. The deployment of the application to relevant operating systems is managed by the App Center.

drag and drop builder

Drag and drop visual elements and wire them to backend components such as persistence, external systems, devices, etc, and other Cloud services

low code development

Build applications with ease, despite having no programming skills

Rapid app development

Access database schema and application logic which are auto generated in run time

Instant review

Gain instant feedback on the application being created

continuous app testing

Continuously run, test, and refine the application as desired

Neutrinos Studio comprises two key components:
Neutrinos Keepr is a WYSIWYG editor that allows developers to visually build interfaces for various screen devices. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface where developers can simply drag widgets to the page and link it up to the services. Additionally, latest UI plugins can be seamlessly imported from the Neutrinos Store in an instant.
Neutrinos Modelr - Very often, applications need to be linked to backend systems, ESBs, Cloud Services, databases, etc. Neutrinos Modelr allows developers to visually model their services. It provides 600+ widgets to external systems like Salesforce, IBM Watson, BPM Engines, etc as well as connectivity to IoT devices. These services can be modeled over protocols like HTTP/S, MQTT/S etc, with runtime environments supported on even hardware devices like Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black. You can also build micro services or develop applications such as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services that can run and communicate through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism.


Neutrinos Art – This is the API run time engine of Neutrinos which contains all the REST Services (CRUD DB Operation), Rendition Engine for all UI, Smart Libraries, and a set of APIs. Once the application is built using Neutrinos Keepr and Neutrinos Modelr, it is hosted on Neutrinos Art.


The Store acts as the marketplace of Neutrinos, a center of all pre-built digital assets on Cloud – including widgets, micro services, SmartApp templates and, pre-defined Data Models. Neutrinos Store delivers a self-service experience, empowers with reusable and standardized assets, and allows a rich set of Smart Libraries to integrate with many upstream and downstream enterprise applications. It guides users to discover, learn, try and buy, and provides a single user experience to all services. One can innovate quickly and easily to Rapidly deliver new digital experiences.

Partners and customers can contribute to the Neutrinos Store by developing new widgets or Smart Libraries or SmartApps that can be consumed by other partners and clients in a co-creation, win-win model, thereby enriching the assets of Neutrinos Store.

Key Highlights

Using Neutrinos Store, developers can:

drag and drop builder

Innovate quickly and easily

Best app development software

Leverage a rich set of integrated Smart Libraries with multiple upstream and downstream enterprise applications

Certified Application

Utilize tested, proven, and guaranteed applications built on Neutrinos

Certified Apps

Access certified and compatible products that add value to their application

Solutions by partners

Enjoy expert solutions by partners and players in the global IoT ecosystem

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