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Build something now and then new

The Platform

Accelerate Transformation. Redefine Productivity.



We transform app backlog into a high-octane app factory with the fastest ``time-to-monetisation`` with no compromise on enterprise-grade quality.



With state-of-the art security and seamless platform integration, we ensure your peace of mind. Boost productivity without the costs and typically long lead times.



We understand your unique challenges. We develop custom, state of the art solutions and implement them with unwavering follow up & support.



Our Platform, Tools & Support are available to developers from all walks of life. Join our community to unleash creativity, productivity and commercial success.

Delivering value to everyone from Enterprises to Citizen Developers

  • Large Enterprises
    Light your way for digital transformation.

  • SMME/Start-Ups
    Reach your next million customers. We started right from where you are – ground up.

  • System Integrators
    Find Simple solutions for complex problems. Take your business to the next level.

  • Enterprise App Developers
    Develop applications with ease and at scale. Collaborate with like-minded people.

  • Citizen Developers
    Concept-to-prototype with little coding knowledge.

Build enterprise grade applications in a matter of days.



Use modeling tools to visualize and prototype new applications



Employ business architecture to design once and deploy everywhere



Introduce disparate services under a single interface with ease



Integrate Mobile, Web, and Cloud-based apps, creating a single source of intelligence

Capabilities unlike anywhere else!

Visual Modeling


Build complex UIs and prototypes with ease, using a simple drag-and-drop modeling interface

AI/ML Capabilities


Integrate AI and ML capabilities out of box for functionalities such as image analytics, intelligent workflows and virtual agents

Smart Libraries


Integrate with legacy applications and use predefined templates and themes to jump start applications

Internet of Things


Integrate with multiple connectivity protocols, end-to-end security models, support for multiple gateway devices, rich data analytics, machine learning and visualizing techniques

App Lifecycle Management


Design, develop, test, deploy, analyse, and manage applications seamlessly

Cloud First


Build enterprise-class, cloud-ready apps using the cloud-first design and architecture approach

Native Capabilities


Add camera, signature, and geo-tagging capabilities to applications with ease

No lock in


Use what you build independently and integrate with your existing ecosystem / cloud platform

A peek into the platform

a_peek_Studio _icon1

Neutrinos Studio

An IDE for developing apps that contain a base workspace and an extensive plug-in/widget system for customization. The drag-and- drop feature makes app development quick and easy.

a_peek_Modelr _icon2

Neutrinos Modelr

Neutrinos Modelr allows developers to visually model their services. These services can be modeled over protocols like HTTP/S, MQTT/S etc, with runtime environments.

a_peek_Modelr _icon3

Neutrinos Console

Link applications to backend systems, ESBs, Cloud Services, databases, etc. and build microservices. Use the serverless computing feature to develop applications such as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services.


Neutrinos Art

Once the application is built using Neutrinos Keepr and Neutrinos Console, it is hosted on Neutrinos Art. Art is the API run time engine of Neutrinos, which contains all the REST Services (CRUD DB Operation), Rendition Engine for all UI, Smart Libraries, and a set of APIs.


Neutrinos Store

The marketplace of Neutrinos is a self-service centre with pre-built, reusable and standardized digital assets like widgets, micro services, SmartApp templates and, pre-defined data models. Read more about Marketplace.


Neutrinos IDS

Neutrinos uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol that drives API security via scoped access and user tokens to provide centralized authorization and authentication control. The IDS provides user authentication and single sign-on functionality. It is LDAP compliant and can be integrated with any active directory.

Here’s how you Design -> Develop -> Deploy an app in 30 minutes!

Embark on your digital transformation journey with Neutrinos, by adapting the latest technologies and embracing RPA, AI, Mobile, Web, Machine Learning, Big Data, BPM, IoT and Social Media Integration.

Why Neutrinos?

Robust Integrated Platform

Robust Integrated Platform

Thousands of Easy Out-of-Box Integrations

Neutrinos offers seamless integration capabilities across thousands of widgets, microservices, backend services and connectors. Users can build easily and fully, integrated high performance solutions.

Integration Logos3


Subscribe and avail access to unlimited widgets and apps

Plug & Play Model

Plug & Play Model

Develop once and deploy across multiple channels with a single code base



Deliver secure data flows with the granular and multi-layer security framework and track down security threats with effective audits

Disruptive Edge

Disruptive Edge

Stay ahead by harnessing the built-in capabilities for futuristic tech like IoT, AI, RPA, etc.

Platform Agnostic

Platform Agnostic

Leverage existing investments and use what you build with any DB, ECM, BPM, ESB engine and AI Service

Nimble Infrastructure

Nimble Infrastructure

Open Source software and low footprint hardware that can be sized based on volume

And, so much more that we couldn’t list here. Speak to our team to learn more about the platform.


Neutrinos Store, the Marketplace of Neutrinos is a self-service centre of all pre-built digital assets including widgets, micro-services, SmartApp templates and pre-defined data models.


Save development time and use existing elements like templates, themes, widgets, and components that are already built by other users. Neutrinos Store empowers you with reusable and standardized assets, providing access to a rich set of Smart Libraries to integrate with applications.


Enrich and contribute to the Neutrinos Store by developing new widgets, Smart Libraries or SmartApps that can be consumed by other end users.


Flexible pricing models for fast-paced businesses.

  • Consulting & Training in a Year
  • Smart Library Access
  • Product Fixes
  • Number of users
  • Applications
  • Support Channel


Ideal for Developers and Small Teams

  • 80 Hours
  • Restricted Usage
  • Response time of 24 hours
    Resolution on best effort basis
    Priority level 3 (Low) support
  • Unlimited
  • Up to 10
  • Email, Whatsapp, Skype


Ideal for SMMEs and Startups

  • 160 Hours
  • Restricted Usage
  • Response time of 4 hours
    Resolution time of 24 hours
    Priority level 2, 3 (Medium) support
  • Unlimited
  • Up to 24
  • Email, Whatsapp, Phone, Skype


Ideal for Large Enterprises

  • 240 Hours
  • Free access
  • Response time of 1 hour
    Resolution time of 4 hours
    Priority level 1, 2, 3 (Highest) support
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Dedicated Support

We understand that one price does not fit all. However unique the need– every enterprise development team and coder can find something new to deliver with Neutrinos. Let us know your requirements and we will quickly tailor a quote just for you!