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Neutrinos launches in SA, starts training academy

Source: IT WEB

Neutrinos officially opened doors to its Johannesburg-based office – a first in Africa. The firm aims to aid the most unskilled person in application development.

A tool for those less privileged


New platform is designed to shift opportunities from few to many.

Want To Design Apps? Look No Further


A new programme championing those excluded from the big-budget world of app design could totally revolutionise the South African tech arena.

Bootstrapped Neutrinos helps you in application development within hours


The platform caters to anyone who needs to build any type of app in a unified approach (build once, test once, deploy in multiple channels of apps or devices).

Neutrinos: Enterprise-Scale Agile Solutions

Source: APAC CIO

To expedite the application development process, Neutrinos offers a pioneering low code platform that allows developers to deliver a code that works seamlessly.

Neutrinos launches Winds Of Change skills development programme

Source: HTXT

Tech evangelist company Neutrinos has launched a development programme aimed at teaching ICT skills to young South Africans.

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