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MXDP for FinTech

With digital transformation taking centre stage in today’s world, Low-code Multi-Experience Development Platforms (MXDPs) are the next big thing in the FinTech world. Industry leaders in the BFSI sector are leveraging MXDPs to build innovative end-user applications to scale their businesses phenomenally.

Digital Transformation

The need of the hour is to build experiences for an array of devices and taking the traditional approach for this would mean building from scratch for each device. Here’s where Multi-experience development is changing the game for businesses. MXDPs empower you with the power to scale up or down. So, you can build once and deploy anywhere without the hassle of having to create multiple applications.

Applications of MXDP

At Neutrinos, we integrate futuristic technologies to develop unique, enterprise-grade, omni-channel experiences that fuel your digital transformation journey. Leveraging AI and IoT powered Multi-experience development.

Internet of Things (IoT)

From personalized and contextual services to queue management, using IoT powered smart devices offers multiple benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency, service and customer experience
  • Simplified debt collection
  • Secure payment management
  • Improved fraud protection
  • Better risk management and decision making

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Enhanced communication, deep learning and automated business processing, here’s why you should capitalize on AI:

  • Arrive at better, data-driven, logical management decisions
  • Optimize and Automate Business Processes
  • Deliver end-user applications
  • Scale infrastructure

The Value Proposition

Faster time-to-market


Single click, multi-deploy


Elevated customer experience

Tranformation opportunities in FinTech world