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Low Code Platform

When evaluating a business application, would you rather go the traditional route or look for modern, ground-breaking technologies? The answer is obvious. Everyone wants IT solutions. And, they want it fast.

Low Code App Development is taking the IT solution providers space by storm. Vendors are building Low Code App Development Platforms to live-up to the promise of fast application delivery. It is believed and proven that Low Code methodologies can bring down application development timelines to a mere few hours.

But is Low Code App Development right for your business? What are the facts you need to know before you give this route a go?

Let’s take a look.

Everyone Can Use Low-Code: Yes. And, yes again. Low code App Development comprises of a very visual and intuitive work environment that even a technology-unaware personnel can easily navigate. Components that form the building blocks of the desired App are made available in the form of drag-and-drop elements. Users can easily pick and choose what they need to quickly build point business applications, fast!

Low Code Applications Are Scalable: A popular belief is that low code caters only to small apps. It is probably a thought that has gained popularity due to the burgeoning number of apps one can make even with minimal coding knowledge. But the fact is, if your business is looking to run a large number of transactions you still can consider Low Code App Development. It is both highly flexible, integrates well into your existing systems and undoubtedly scalable.

More Than Just Mobile Apps: Many IT department heads are in the wrong impression that Low Code App Development supports only mobile apps. This idea has come through because of the word ‘App’ being interchangeably used for Enterprise Applications and small-time consumer apps. Low Code Platforms are highly capable of bringing the most complex enterprise-grade apps to life.

Low Code Has Replaced Traditional Business Process Solutions: Businesses must pay heed to the fact that Process/Workflow based IT solutions that take the traditional route to development have not in any way been replaced by Low Code Development Platforms. There’s a thin line that separates the core-motive behind adopting these two methodologies that in the end deliver similar results. Traditional Business Process Solutions focus on optimizing and improving operational excellence and internal performance. With Low Code Applications the focus is on bringing to the table Enterprise-Grade apps that are feature-rich and easily accessible by all users across the business.

The Bottomline: Choose wisely. It may or may not always be the right decision to go for Low Code Platforms. Speak with the experts at Neutrinos for a consultation on the right fit for your business. We’re there to guide you on the best fit technology to help you achieve your App goals!