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We’re glad to announce that our #BeingNeutrinosReady webinar number four is happening on Friday, 17th July 2020 at 4pm IST. We are thrilled by the responses we received from the developer community on the webinars we’ve conducted so far. 

In case you missed our previous webinars, here’s what we had covered:

  • How to Add Native Mobile Functionalities to an App
  • Build an App in less than 45 min
  • Secure your Apps with OAuth and IDS

You can take a look at the recordings of the previous webinars here.

The upcoming webinar is being hosted by Neutrinos with Sarath Kumar where we will demonstrate Neutrinos integration capabilities with various databases. This includes performing databases operations, setting up connection pooling, and much more.

This is your chance to pick up low code, MXDP capabilities, leveraging the Neutrinos platform. Become a part of our developer community and capitalize on your skills. 

Register here.



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