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Guide to Low-Code Platform – FAQ Low Code

What is Low-code development?

Low-code development is a software development methodology where applications can be built through a graphical user interfaces (GUI) and visual modelling techniques. This technique minimises the need for hand-coding and hence the name, Low-code.

Rapid Application Development a.k.a RAD is a low code development model where the functions are developed parallelly like mini projects. RAD leverages predefined prototyping techniques to build software applications.

Besides saving the developersb time, low-code also allows non-technical developers to build applications even when they know nothing about coding.

Capabilities and Features of low-code platforms

Low-code platforms come with several unique capabilities which makes the development experience delightful.
Here is a guide to low code platform capabilities

Visual modelling

Low-code platforms feature a simple modelling interface with tools like drag-and-drop designer. The interface makes it extremely easy to build complex UIs. The platform also allows you to create extensions and widget libraries using JS, HTML and Node.js, etc.

Smart libraries

Smart libraries are galleries of predefined templates and application themes that help you jump start your application. Smart libraries are an inevitable feature of Low-code platforms and they help you integrate with legacy applications seamlessly.

Data remodelling

Low-code enables you to create and recreate data structures, data relationships and models without ever touching the database directly.

Application Life-cycle Management

Application lifecycle management a.k.a ALM is comprehensive management of requirement gathering specifications, design, development and testing. ALM supervises the applications, track changes from the initial planning to its retirement.

Cloud Readiness

With low-code, you can build cloud-ready Enterprise Applications (EA) with ease. Applications are multi-tenant and can reside on any type of cloud infrastructure.

Mobile Ready

Applications built on low-code platforms automatically get optimized on all devices automatically. These mobile-first applications do not require the developer to write and maintain different code base for difference devices.

Real-time Analytics

Low code platforms leverage multiple data streams from various devices, applications and websites to facilitate monitoring, analysis and reporting. Each and every component of the application is monitored for further analysis and reporting.


Low-code platforms feature a granular and multi-layer security framework that enables secure data flow. The highly effective audits help you quickly to track down security threats. End-to-end security models, make applications more secure.

Cognitive features

Low code platforms leverages AI services like IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure to help you build machine learning capabilities onto your applications.

Some of Frequently asked questions

What can you build with low-code platforms?

With low-code, you can build any kind of web and mobile application. Here is a list of mostB common usage of low-code platforms.
– Customer facing apps
– Operations improvement apps
– Employee engagement apps
– Legacy modernization/ replacement apps

What is citizen development?

Citizen development is a technique where the non-developers/ business people can develop applications.B Low-development platforms enable people to develop applicationsB even when they no prior coding knowledge.

How low-code platforms facilitate digital transformation?

Businesses that donbt keep up with the digitization trends tend to get wiped-out by competitors. Low-code platforms enhance the speed of development and delivery. Building applications rapidly to cope with the market demands help organizations stay ahead.

Neutrinos is a low-code RAD platforms that is helping organizations across the globe build applications at the speed of thought. Neutrinosb platform includes, but not limited to all the capabilities and features mentioned above.

What is hpaPaaS?

High-productivity Platform-as-a serviceB a.k.a hpaPaaS is a cloud service that offers a platform for software development. hpaPaaS comes with off the shelf solutions that accelerate application development.

How to identify a good low-code platform for enterprise grade applications?

Low code platforms are popular in enterprise application development and a good platform will have these five key capabilities:
b” Easy requirement gathering and simple prototype building
b” Citizen development
b” Cognitive intelligence through IoT
b” Integration readiness
b” Change management
To learn more about these capabilities, read our blog post.

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