Getting Started With Low-Code

Analysts, Customers and Vendors have been emphasizing on the need to develop enterprise applications faster and more efficiently. Low-Code Platforms provide a great alternative for developers as well as business users to experience a new way to app development with low-code software.

But how do you get started, what can you build with it, which business areas are most appropriate; are few of the questions which remain unanswered. In this post, we will answer these questions and also provide a list of apps which you can get started with.

What Types of Apps can you build with Low-Code Software?

Low-Code Platforms have been built using modern light-weight tech stack which can be leveraged to develop any type of software application. Technically, low-code platforms enable you to develop web applications and mobile apps, but its usage may not be limited to that alone.

As they have been built keeping enterprises in mind, they do have connectors enterprise systems, IoT devices and embedded platforms. Low-Code Platforms also leverage new-age technologies like AI, ML and Cognitive using its own native engine or by integrating with popular engines like Alexa, IBM Watson, etc.

In a nutshell low-code software can be used to develop any web or mobile app with extensions to existing systems, devices and internet services.

Which Business Areas are most suited for low-code development

Again, technically you can build any software application with low-code platforms, but there are clear indicators on certain business areas which have seen most success in adoption, problem solving and delivery acceleration.

Below is an infographic which highlights Apps which are most suited for low-code development

The Bottom line

The above infographic illustrates what low-code platforms are most used for, across the industry.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take up other apps. Given that low-code platforms are at its early stage of adoption; this list gives you a starting point if you are new to low-code development. If you are already using it, then it gives you an opportunity to experiment with other areas which may not be explored.

Have you developed any of the above apps using low-code?

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