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Neutrinos provides innovative multi-channel solutions to help banks and financial institutions onboard new accounts, acquire more customers, and add greater wallet share. The solutions are seamlessly integrated with BPM, ECM, and rule engines to provide a robust and flexible infrastructure.

Multi-channel Account Origination 

Enable customers and employees in financial institutions to open new accounts efficiently with reduced turnaround times.

multichannel account
billing engine

Billing Engine 

Integrate billing information across systems, provide the ability to deal with multiple currencies, add/remove service options, allow exception reporting, and run sanity checks based on product class, parameters, and pricing catalogue with this solution.

Payment Solution 

Offer a variety of payment products to their customers. Depending on the product(s) selected, regulatory rules and documentary evidences requirements are enforced.


Self Service Banking Kiosk

Monitor bank kiosk remotely, enable authentication of an individual, verification of address details which then allows them to transfer money, remotely perform remedial actions on the kiosk before technical support requests are raised.

Case Study 

Multichannel Customer Onboarding (Absa)


Accounts for customer specific products can be created quickly and the process of integrating audit records into the database with the help of BPM can be automated easily. Onboarding time potentially reduces from 7 days to 30 minutes. All this enables businesses to improve customer satisfaction and process efficiently.

See how Absa transformed Merchant Onboarding from a heavily paper driven activity to an automated one, reducing the time taken to on-board a merchant

Email BOTs (CHOLA)


Save responding to the huge number of email requests from end customers that takes up all the bandwidth of your client service team with email BOTs. Service requests are managed automatically through the BOT that first segregates e-mails based on context/intent. Instant response to customer, optimized workforce and satisfied customers and agents are the by-products of choosing to build an email BOT.

Chola Investment is a Non-banking financial company that provides vehicle loans and is mainly agent driven. See how they used email BOTs built with Neutrinos to drive operational efficiency