At Neutrinos, every business relationship thrives on four key elements: trust, transparency, responsiveness, and a genuine desire to deliver impact to our partners and customers. Foundation of our business is based on building an ecosystem of partners and customers – a 360-degree approach where each and every one contributes and wins in delivering true value to the business. Neutrinos acts as the catalyst towards this vision by providing a revenue-oriented platform for each and every one to innovate, deliver value, and get rewarded.

Here are a few partners who share our values and reinforce our long-term vision

Microsoft bizspark

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360-degree ecosystem

What if there existed an ecosystem in the application development world, where partners from diverse backgrounds and expertise, could join and complement each other, benefiting from each other’s existence? What if the end consumer could also be part of this ecosystem; contributing to it, as well as commercially benefiting from it?

At Neutrinos, our vision is to create such an ecosystem in the application development space, using our platform as the conduit or catalyst. We foresee a place where partners across different spheres will leverage Neutrinos to build solutions as well as promote their own products and IPs. Let’s look at the different partner stacks in this ecosystem.

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