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eBook Digital Adoption in Insurance


Digital Adoption in Insurance

Nearly one-third of CIOs across the BFSI sector have identified ‘digital’ as a top priority for the year 2019 [up by over 8% from 2018 & likely to rise in the coming years], according to Gartner.

With the advent of new technology transforming the business of insurance across global markets, it is imperative to understand the impact of digital on the industry. After all, the most successful companies are the ones who are proactive, adapt to technology & change faster, and work towards offering high levels of customer experience.

For some companies, going digital may mean going paperless, for others it might mean adding skills like AI and Big Data to the fray for better analysis and improving efficiency of delivery.

When starting the digital adoption journey, three questions need to be addressed:

  • What should insurers focus on when creating a digital strategy?
  • How do the insurers work towards meeting the growing customer demands and market pressures?
  • How can insurers strengthen the relationship with customers and offer better experiences?

Download this e-book ‘Digital Adoption in Insurance’ to learn about: 

  • The most significant trends and technologies in the industry
  • How to start the digitization process
  • Barriers in digital adoption
  • Changing role of the insurer
  • The way forward