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Rising Above Omnichannel
MXDPs: Powering exceptional customer experiences

Why move beyond Omnichannel?

What effect does Employee Experience have on customers?

Building effective Multi-experience Strategies

Why should enterprises adopt MXDPs?

Enterprises today are focussing on fueling their digital transformation journeys to stay ahead of the competition. The new decade also means adopting newer technologies to deliver unified digital experiences. CIOs must focus on moving beyond just Omnichannel that has been around for a while now, but somehow never truly been able to deliver a unified experience.

The end goal is clear – Unified, Exceptional Customer Experiences. The omnichannel approach has not been very successful in realizing this goal. So, what’s the buzz in the application development space? Everyone’s talking about Multi-Experience Development Platforms (MXDPs) today. Why? These platforms are helping CIOs achieve great customer experiences by enabling them to capture more digital touchpoints and modes of interaction.

What are the challenges in the omnichannel approach? Why are industry leaders adopting MXDPs? What’s in it for CIOs and more, all in this eBook.