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Our Story

Did we sound nothing like a software solutions provider when you first heard the word ‘Neutrinos’? If you Googled us, you probably hit this result.




plural noun: neutrinos
A neutrino is a subatomic particle that is very similar to an electron, but has no electrical charge and a very small mass, which might even be zero. Neutrinos are one of the most abundant particles in the universe.

Neutrinos accross the globe

Challenging The Status Quo

In Particle Physics, neutrinos travel faster than light and challenge the fundamentals of relativity. Inspired by the spirit of these subatomic particles, the Neutrinos platform has evolved as a close to ‘zero-code’ platform in developing innovative applications – arguably faster than any conventional method.

Neutrinos is a bootstrapped venture, founded during a eureka moment that stemmed from collective experiences and challenges faced first hand, coupled with the passion and urge to make a difference in the world of technology.


The founders and the member of the leadership team at Neutrinos come with extensive experience and unrivalled instinct. The team’s collective vision for challenging the status quo and transforming the application development ecosystem is awe-inspiring for everyone at Neutrinos.

The founding members have been in enterprise solutions implementation individually for almost 20 years, and have deployed numerous solutions for small, medium and large enterprises in their journey across the globe. They have worked together in earlier stints and have known each other for over 15 years before starting Neutrinos.

Samik Ghosh

An industry veteran with two decades of experience and a purpose to build a platform that can make a difference to people’s lives.

Samik Ghosh

Chief Executive Officer

Harriet Heymans

With 18 years of domain experience, member of IoD, SAICA, and IRBA, Harriet heads our finance wing.

Harriet Heymans

Chief Finance Officer

Ashok Bhattacharya

A Stanford alumnus with over 25 years of experience in mentoring large companies like P&G, Microsoft, etc. in emerging technologies

Ashok Bhattacharya

CMO, Strategic Mentor, Regional Director SEA

Suresh Chandrasekharan

18+ years of architecting, designing, and implementing BPM, ECM, & SOA solutions. Building products that facilitate a global impact is his mantra.

Suresh Chandrasekharan

Chief of Product Innovation & Delivery

Souvik Debnath

Having spent 2 decades in IT Strategy, CIO Advisory, and Stakeholder Management, Souvik specializes in aligning strategy, processes & IT assets with business goals

Souvik Debnath

Chief of Solutions & Presales

Ramya Babu

Featuring 18+ years of Sales & Marketing experience, Ramya is a master in fostering relationships and driving Partner & Customer relationships

Ramya Babu

Chief of Channels & Strategic Accounts

Shantanu Bhattacharya

22+ years of owning leadership roles in various capacities across SBU Management, Strategy, Business Development & Alliances Management

Shantanu Bhattacharya

Chief of Sales & Alliances

Daya Virasamy

An astute businessman and a serial entrepreneur with a focus on human development. Daya brings with his leadership, 50 years of experience in Banking & Finance.

Daya Virasamy

Executive Director – South Africa

Uday Sankar Roy

Former Managing Director & CEO of SBI Life, Mr. Roy advises in areas around entry strategies of foreign insurers, technology implementation & utilization, restructuring, etc.

Uday Sankar Roy

Strategic Advisor


We take pride in the four pillars of our culture that we uphold within the organization as well as with our clients:

Neutrinos Culture


At Neutrinos, we believe that great brands are made of great people. Yes, technology, opportunities and funds make a huge difference, but nothing shouts ‘GREAT JOB’ the way people on the floor do. Our employees are a bunch of fun-loving yet hardworking people who continuously strive to raise the bar and do impactful, quality work.

We do all it takes to make life at Neutrinos a fruitful, memorable experience for everyone.

We are Neutrinos

Power to the people

Applications have transformed the way we work and live but outmoded processes and paradigms conspire to keep application development slow, laborious and in the hands of a privileged few.

We recognize how privileged we are to have been born at the center of this 110 Billion Dollar boom but, for us, the biggest opportunity isn’t the money.

Our true opportunity, indeed our Purpose, is to leverage our advantages to make True democratization of app development a reality in the next decade.



“At Neutrinos, our vision of democratizing application development is highly community-focused and our approach to success is largely employee-driven. Everything we do places our customers’ needs at the forefront. We carefully nurture our team by providing an environment that expects and encourages innovation alongside multiple avenues to unleash creativity. Everyone at Neutrinos walks the journey together – right from leadership to our newest interns.”

– Samik Ghosh, CEO

Our Story / Unleash the Power of Innovation