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Our raison d'etre!


See what Neutrinos can do for Customers

See what Neutrinos can do for Customers

There’s one thing we take pride in – challenging norms!

Gone are the days when enterprises could afford to budget a year for developing an application. Things are fast and how! At Neutrinos we understand that digital transformation is rapid, and we use our 100+ collective years of experience to facilitate enterprises in building applications in a matter of days.

Enterprises either have specific domain knowledge, or an idea for a solution. However, they need a partner who can develop robust, high-end apps and deliver it fast. This is where we come in! With our high productivity Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS), we provide the infrastructure for Enterprises to create solutions for specific domains and help their end clients traverse the digital journey. Our platform is agnostic to different 3rd party platforms, allowing you to reuse existing assets. We also offer in-built capabilities for the adoption of emerging and futuristic technologies like IoT, AI, BPM, etc.

There exists a world of possibilities beyond the horizons of technical limitations and standards. We’ll take you there.


See what Neutrinos can do with Partners

At Neutrinos, our vision is to nurture an ecosystem in the application development space where partners from diverse backgrounds and expertise could collaborate with and complement each other.

Our efforts are aligned towards creating a network where partners across different spheres, including System Integrators, Resellers and Implementors use Neutrinos Platform as the conduit to benefit from each other’s work.

Why partner with us?

Why Partner with Neutrinos
What Neutrinos can do for Partners


Neutrinos for Developers

See how Neutrinos can help Developers unleash their potential

Ever dreamt of the day when developing an application would be a sprint in the park? Neutrinos provides professional developers with all the tools, resources and integration frameworks to envision and develop the most complex web and mobile applications in record time.

With Neutrinos, Developers can build their own domain-specific solutions, upload these to the Neutrinos Store Marketplace and other Developers can purchase these templates or micro services.

Using Neutrinos Store, Developers can:

What developers can do with Neutrinos

Collaborate and create better apps with the Neutrinos Developer Community.


The world of possibilities beyond technical limitations.