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Low Code Application Platforms


Conversational Insurance

Well into the fourth Industrial Revolution that brings with it technologies such as AI,…

Neutrinos June 1, 2020

Multi-access revolution in Insurance sales

Over the years, some of the surveys done in the insurance space have proved…

Neutrinos June 1, 2020

Simplifying App Development with ‘Drag-and-Drop’

Gone are the days when building applications, be it Hybrid Mobile Apps, Web Apps,…

Neutrinos May 26, 2020

One Click Deployment - The Power to Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

Software development over the years has undergone massive changes. It’s not just web or…

Neutrinos May 25, 2020

Wearables in Insurance Space – The Pros and The Cons!

In our earlier post, we had written about how the insurance industry has embraced…

Neutrinos May 24, 2020

Chatbots - 10 key areas where insurers can derive value

Why chatbots?  Customers are beginning to realise the value that chatbots can bring to…

Neutrinos May 23, 2020

Wearables transforming the insurance industry!

With a wide range of options available for companies to explore, the Internet of…

Neutrinos May 22, 2020

Enhancing claims processing for a better customer experience

Claims processing is one of the most tedious tasks for both insurers and customers…

Neutrinos May 21, 2020

Use cases of RPA in the Insurance Industry

Repetitive, mundane and highly time consuming, that’s what the days in the lives of…

Neutrinos May 21, 2020