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Software Engineer

Years of Experience :  1.5 – 2.5 Years

Location Bangalore. Willing to travel.

Educational Qualification:  Bachelors in Engineering / MCA.

Preferably (Comp Sc, IT)

Skill sets: Proficient in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, 1.5 years of experience building web applications, Hands-on in Angular Material, with at least 6 months of usage experience. Practical usage of AngularJS 2+, for at least 6 months. Extensive knowledge of CSS and JS methods for providing performant visual effects. Clear Understanding of REST and Web Services, and demonstrable and practical usage in projects. Creating custom, general use modules, and components, which extend the elements and modules of core Angular. Working knowledge of iOS and Android environments, CI/CD tools and usage in projects, Node.JS and building hybrid mobile applications.

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