Role: Project Manager

Location: Bangalore

Position Type: Permanent


  • Analyze the schedule management requirements of the customer (contractual tool, schedule structure, reporting constraint)
  • Define and maintain the project time management plan, highlight the critical path and risks linked to the schedule and propose the optimization
  • Detail and update the project schedule frequently based on the contractual targets and data provided by all stakeholders
  • Propose the project baseline
  • Ensure the consistency and expectation among of all the internal and external stakeholders commitments, and manage schedules interfaces
  • Organize and lead periodic project schedule sessions
  • Participate in project core team meetings (and/or schedule management meetings of higher rank)
  • Provide a timely updated schedule situation highlighting the gap between the actual and the baseline
  • Focus on early identification of potential delays
  • Prepare schedule and progress reports for customer, lead unit, or partners
  • Track/Escalate and resolve all issues related to projects schedule


  • Experience in managing 2/3 mid-to-large size projects
  • Experience and thorough understanding of SDLC and PMG methodologies (Eg: Waterfall and Agile)
  • Overall 2-5 years of working experience as IT Project Manager
  • Excellent in writing and verbal communication
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