Role: Product Engineer – MEAN Stack Developer

Location: Bangalore

Position Type: Permanent


  • This is a full-stack developer role. The incumbent will work on the front-end applications (Web and/or Mobile) which would implement various role-based user flows and dashboards with a very intuitive and modern UI
  • Candidate will require proficiency in Mean Stack components, advanced programming capabilities in NodeJS, ExpressJS, Angular, and MongoDB. They will also be responsible for an application programming component within Stack
  • Ability to code, validate quality, build and release, prioritize backlog, and manage development completion as per requirements
  • Effective self-starter, continuous learning attitude, and ability to come up with best problem solving inOpen Source stack


  • The incumbent should have a proven track record of implementing high end modern Web and/or Mobile applications with rich UI, preferably around Big Data / BI
  • Significant experience with NodeJS platforms
  • Experience in Databases like SQL, SQLite, and NoSQL databases especially MongoDB
  • Experience with implementing responsive web pages / HTML5 /CSS3
  • Experience developing and using REST APIs and Cloud platforms such as AWS
  • He/She should have worked on high performance applications with hand-on experience doing performance benchmarking, profiling, and optimizations for response times and scalability
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