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Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps

Build Mobile Applications

Neutrinos, the best-in-class rapid low-code development platform, has advanced features that help you build a mobile application in a jiffy without any compromise. Key features include impeccable UX, system integration capabilities, and single-click deployment– to name a few. With Neutrinos, you can build any kind of application, whether enterprise- grade or business-to consumer, in no time at all.


Superlative front-end

Neutrinos allows you to build user experiences that your customers will enjoy, and build it your way. With the option of a library filled with patterns and templates for easy customization and the ability to write your own code, Neutrinos IDE and drag-and-drop option makes building front-ends customizable and simple on its visual editor.

back end

Protected back-end

The Neutrinos platform lets you build strong and secure back-ends for your apps and  control data access as well. It ensures your back-end is capable of supporting all front-end requirements and can also be linked to corporate identity management systems to  Warrant security.

one click deploy

Single-click deployment

Neutrinos saves you time with its single-click deployment feature. You can test your app on any device, automatically update over the network, and harness the power of the Neutrinos platform to build on it and deploy on any platform. These features will help you finish a task in half the time.

Secured offilne

Secure offline experiences

From cache to data access and synching, Neutrinos enables you to build high-level, secure experiences that support these services. On the Neutrinos platform, you can run business logic on your device without the burden of having to know what goes on behind the scenes.

Device native

Device-native capabilities

Accessing and controlling native libraries or adding new native capabilities is made simple with Neutrinos. Just add the URL of the plug-in and the platform takes care of the rest – from comprehending dependencies to updating the native module when required.

Low code mobile app development