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Build Once Deploy Anywhere – Experience the Power of One Click Deployment

Software development over the years has undergone massive changes. The process has especially accelerated in the last 15 years or so. The growth of the internet and mobile technologies has influenced business and delivery models for most businesses.

Gone are the days when businesses had to only worry about building web apps that would virtually work on any device regardless of the size and form factor. Today, businesses are expected to make their apps available not only via the browser but also natively on popular mobile platforms.

This poses a notable problem for developers. As they now need to develop apps not only for the web but also for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Add to that, change management cycles have become more complex as they need to replicate and test changes on each device platform.

So, how do we solve this?

Welcome ‘Build Once, Deploy Anywhere’. Neutrinos Platform empowers developers to have one code base regardless of the devices/ platforms it deployed on.

Whether your users access your apps via a web browser or mobile platform, their experience with your brand remains the same. It also reduces development and change management time for developers, as they can now focus on developing better apps.

Taking the deployment experience one step further, Neutrinos enables developers to deploy their apps in one click.

You heard it right!

In a single click, developers can deploy their apps on Web Server as well as Mobile App Store from Apple and Google.

Now that’s a big deal if you are a developer. All the redundant activities associated with app deployment are automated using a pre-defined, fail-proof process.

How do we do this?

Let’s Dive In!

Cloud Operations

Apps developed using the Neutrinos Platform can be deployed on a cloud platform of your choice. Whether you are using Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services; there are quite a few steps for you to be able to deploy your apps on the App Engine.

Developers need to create a project repository, link their billing account, create an app engine and finally enable it for end-users.

All these steps, though simple took considerable effort from the developers’ point of view. Thankfully they have been automated in the latest release of Neutrinos Platform.

Once the cloud environment is set up to consume your apps, developers had to deploy the app from their build servers on to the Google App Engine or Lambda Functions or Microsoft Functions, extract the app, initialize it and install the dependencies.

The process then proceeds to update the environment using application runtime.

If you are building the application from the source every time, it is time-consuming and harder to focus on deployment issues. Again, this entire process has been automated in Neutrinos Platform

Build and Deploy

Creating the actual build and deployment package is the other time-consuming phase of app deployment.

Developers have to build the web app, build the mobile app (iOS, Android), initialize the web or mobile apps with dependent libraries, create deployable files for the cloud, upload the files and finally create the App Engine or AWS Lambda or MS Functions version of the deployment.

As you would understand, all these steps are redundant and do not require developer-level time and effort. Neutrinos Platform automates all these steps to free up developer time.

At Neutrinos, we strongly believe that our one-click deployment approach has created an easier, sustainable way of deploying enterprise apps. It is a paradigm shift from traditional methods of app deployment.

Mobile and Web applications suited for enterprises can now be deployed in 15 minutes as opposed to several hours or even days in some cases. That’s the kind of scale and rapidity Neutrinos brings to the table.

Own the Advantage Now

Neutrinos One-Click Deployment offers numerous advantages including a simplified deployment experience and better change management.

It reduces the opportunities for errors and frees up the developer time to focus on more critical issues for the business.

Have you experienced Neutrinos One Click Deployment yet?

Take a Free Trial, Today!

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