How Neutrinos Helps Enterprises Accelerate App Development

Neutrinos is a Low-Code App Development Platform which enables enterprises to build software applications rapidly. Built on a modern technology framework, Neutrinos provides professional developers with all the tools, resources and integration frameworks to develop the most complex web and mobile applications in record time.

Some of our Clientele

Delivered a sensor-based IoT Billboard App for a renowned short-term insurer

Delivered a mobile app with portfolio and payment gateway for one of the largest retail clients

Delivered a quoting and business app on mobile and browser for a renowned life and funeral insurer

Delivered a client service chatbot for claims, integrating with backend systems for one of our insurers

Delivered an email bot for a customer service team, integrating with backend systems of one of the renowned non-banking financial institutions


Improved development productivity and testing efficiency


Reduced license cost and YoY ongoing investments


Years of collective experience in diverse industries across our core team


Faster speed of implementation than the industry standard